Tiki Bars in San Francisco

Tiki Bars in San Francisco

With San Francisco’s rainy winters and foggy summers, sometimes you need to go inside to find a ray of sunshine. Tiki bars got their start right here in the Bay Area with Trader Vic’s (now in Emeryville), but these San Francisco bars carry on the tradition. If you’re in the mood for a tiny tropical vacation, head to one of these spots, grab a mai tai or a scorpion bowl, and imagine you’re on a beach on a South Pacific island with your feet in the sand.

Smuggler’s Cove
650 Gough Street, Hayes Valley

Pagan Idol
375 Bush Street, Financial District

Tonga Room
950 Mason Street, Nob Hill

Zombie Village
441 Jones Street, Tenderloin

Last Rites
718 14th Street, Duboce Triangle

Tiki Haven
1334 Noriega Avenue, Outer Sunset

Trad’r Sam
6150 Geary Boulevard, Outer Richmond

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