Knox Tour - New Construction


I toured the Knox recently. This new construction condo building is in what is technically the southeast corner of Potrero Hill, but really the area associates more with the Dogpatch.  One-bedroom units are starting around $800,000, two bedrooms start around $1.1 million, with the three bedroom units starting around $1.8 million. I thought the units felt spacious, and I really liked the outdoor space. Instead of a roof deck, they put their common area nestled in to the lower ground level.  Having the common space in the center provides great wind protection. Don't know Dogpatch well? Check out my neighborhood history and market trends post.  Here are a few of my favorites.

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Outdoors / Transportation


New Construction - Units Completed by Year

To provide some context and insight San Francisco added a bit over 4000 units in 2016.