Have You Checked Out Bayview Lately?


The only constant in life is change, and that is most certainly true for San Francisco neighborhoods. District 10 is arguably the fastest-changing area right now. Though it is still very transitional, there is a optimistic vibe going on throughout the neighborhood. The changes in the area are reminiscent of how the Valencia corridor and the Inner Mission felt 20 years ago. Back in the mid-’90s, that neighborhood underwent sweeping changes that pushed it from marginal to among the most coveted areas in the city. One of the next areas to blossom was Mission Bay and Dogpatch, a.k.a. Central Waterfront. Development has been shifting south along 3rd Street, ever since AT&T Park was built. More of that area’s industrial buildings continue to be converted to offices, condos, restaurants, and brewpubs. On a recent night I visited the new Magnolia / Smokestack and I was amazed at the foot traffic along 3rd Street. All of this has come to rise within the last 10 years, and the trend is pushing further south toward Bayview.

The pleasant weather and convenience to both downtown and the peninsula makes Bayview-Hunters Point an appealing place to live.  These areas have lots of single family homes, as well as upcoming development of very modern condos. Two developments to watch are The Shipyard and the Candlestick Point development, comprising about 10,000 new units coming to the market. Rapid change, indeed. A client of mine just closed on a townhouse in the new Shipyard development. You can still land a lot of home for a good price at the Shipyard.


Another area that is changing rapidly is Dogpatch / 3rd Street Corridor. This is not surprising if you have been watching the Mission Bay  and The Shipyard develop; Dogpatch sits right in the middle.  In a relatively small area bordered by 17th Street / 22nd Street, east of  the 280 Freeway to 3rd Street, there are 15 developments happening. There will be an estimated 1,400 new housing units added to this small area.  This is not including the huge project happening at Pier 70. If you have not been keeping up with the Pier 70 Project, you should be!

Pier 70

What You Get For Your Money

What is missing from this chart is that you can land 2 bedroom / 2 bath / 1 car parking condo in the Shipyard development for  less that $900k.

SF-Condo-TIC_1m-1499k_by-Neighborhood SF-SFD_to-999k

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