4 Tips to Keep Your Home Safe This Winter


Meteorologists are predicting that this year's winter may bring the strongest El Niño on record, As with past El Niño years, this means we're likely in for a lot of rain.We're all eager to see the rain again, but if you're not prepared , your home may be at risk when the storms come. Here are a few things to consider taking care of now, while it's still dry.

  1. Trim any trees or plants with overgrown branches, or that sit very close to the house. Storms may cause branches to break and fall, potentially harming your home.
  2. Check your roof. Find areas of damage and fix them now, before water begins to leak into your house.
  3. Clear out your gutters. There's probably a lot of leaves and detritus gathering in there. Clear them out so the water can flow.
  4. Waterproof your windows. Check the sills to see if they need to be re-sealed or caulked, and check the seals on the windows themselves.


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