Things to Do in San Francisco

1000 Ways to Enjoy San Francisco & the Bay Area

Guests are coming, the kids are out of school, or you just want to do something different than usual. Summer has arrived in one of the most beautiful and multi-dimensional places on earth, and here is a wide variety of ideas for making the most of it: Dinner, brunch, burritos, burgers, bars, music, dance, theater, running, biking, hiking, and things to do with visitors, children and dogs.

Food & Drink

Top 100 Restaurants Zagat's Best Outdoor Dining & Drinking Best Meal Delivery Best Breakfast Best Brunch Best Burritos Best Sandwiches Best Pizza Best Hamburgers Best Dim Sum Best Bars Beer Drinking Coffee Drinking More Coffee Best Desserts!

Out & About

Things to Do To Do with Kids To Do in Oakland To Do in Marin In Napa & Sonoma City Biking Mountain Biking City Walks Best Views Hiking Trails Running Clubs LGBT - To Do Sunday Streets City Parks Dog Parks Farmers' Markets Sports Teams Sports Calendar

Arts & Culture

Arts & Entertainment More Arts Events Nightclubs Music Museums Ballet Opera Symphony Theater

Important note: You will undoubtedly find yourself disagreeing vehemently with one or more of the above “best lists” – best burrito, brunch and coffee are particularly contentious issues in the Bay Area. My position is absolutely clear: I agree wholeheartedly with you and share your righteous dismay.

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