New Developments, New City

The city is constantly reinventing itself. Just driving around San Francisco you see cranes working on new towers, no-parking signs for home construction, and the never ending sounds of jackhammers. Recently I took a tour around to where all the new construction is either well underway, about to start, or is in the pipeline.  The "New Downtown" is one such area.  This area centers around the new Transbay Center. There are about 24 projects in one stage or another.  Of those projects, there is an estimated 4,800 new housing units beings added.  That is a lot of new people living and working in this area. IMG_2317

Another area that is changing rapidly is Dogpatch / 3rd Street Corridor. This is not surprising if you have been watching the Mission Bay  and The Shipyard develop; Dogpatch sits right in the middle.  In a relatively small area bordered by 17th Street / 22nd Street, east of  the 280 Freeway to 3rd Street, there are 15 developments happening. There will be an estimated 1,400 new housing units added to this small area.  This is not including the huge project happening at Pier 70. If you have not been keeping up with the Pier 70 Project, you should be!

Pier 70

A rendering of what might happen at Pier 70.

The city is always evolving, and yes it does feel like it is accelerating right now. It's not too late to jump in to this crazy market.  An area you should be watching for the best value and opportunity for appreciation is the northern stretches of the Bayview.  Not everyone wants to live in a condo, and this area is where you will find the most single family homes.  Contact me today to discuss!