Cash Out Refi: Should I Do It?

MonicaHeader The housing market is booming, and when this happens you can often find yourself with a lot of equity in your home. Rates have moved so low in the last 6 months, and values have experienced a significant increase, so homeowners are truly thinking about diversifying their real estate investments.  Over the last few months, many borrowers have inquired about pulling out some of that money in order to either purchase another home or for home improvements. Many wish to purchase investment homes in order to create cash flow or long term growth.

These days underwriting has moved back to common sense decision-making, and confidence in our economy and job markets has moved home owners to contemplate their next move. Real estate investing has come back to the forefront as a realistic possibility to increase cash flow.

If you are thinking about pulling out some of the equity that you have earned over the last few years, now is a very good time to take action. Rates are still very low, and values seem to be continuing their ascent. Contact me today to discuss if a cash out refi is right for you.

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