Fuel Prices and Interest Rates

Monica's CornerDuring the last 30 days there has been much news about energy prices and how low gas has been going.  It is very evident that our economic growth is not as aggressive as we thought or hoped.  Even though the Fed has ended the quantitative easing program, worried investors are continuing to put their money into bonds, which make rates lower.  Many economists predicted rates would go higher in 2014 because of the Fed's termination of quantitative easing.
However even though the injection of money into our economy has ceased, people are still seeking safe havens to invest their money due to fears regarding slow growth.  If this continues, we may even see home prices come down a bit, which will motivate first time home buyers to contemplate entering the market.
My prediction is that rates stay low, or go lower and that first time homebuyers will have a breakout year!  First time buyers can now take advantage of the Fannie Mae 3% down program, that has been newly unleashed!!!  Go first time homebuyers, 2015 is your year!!!
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