Home Buyer Workshop - March 1st

Join me and my colleague, mortgage broker Monica Di Perna, for an informational workshop on purchasing a home in San Francisco.  This market can be intimidating, especially with all the sensationalistic news stories about out of control pricing, all-cash buyers, competitive bidding, and so on.  There are always opportunities if you have the right realtor to help find them for you. Monica will be explaining the current lending requirements, down payments, and how to prepare yourself financially for what is most likely the biggest purchase of your entire life.

Some of the topics that will be covered:

  • What are the current market conditions?
  • What's involved in buying a home?
  • What are the lenders' requirements?
  • How much do you need for a down payment?

We'll back these points up with real-life purchase scenarios from recent transactions.

Whether you're ready to buy now or are looking down the road a bit, you will leave the workshop with a better understanding of how to purchase your home in San Francisco. RSVP today, and I'll see you on March 1.