What SF Home-Buyers Bought in 2012

What Did San Francisco Home-Buyers Purchase in 2012? Sales prices, architecture, views, neighborhoods, amenities, parking, bedrooms, houses, condos, TICs, stock cooperatives and everything else we could think of.

Of all the homes bought and sold in San Francisco in 2012:

  • How many had Golden Gate, Bay Bridge, downtown or ocean views?
  • How many were Victorian, Edwardian, Art Deco, Spanish Mediterranean or brand spanking new?
  • How many had elevators or pools, wine cellars, doorpersons or in-law apartments?
  • How many were probate sales, bank sales or short sales?
  • What were the biggest sales in Russian Hill, Noe Valley, SoMa and Pacific Heights?

We data-mined all of 2012’s MLS sales to answer these questions and more. We hope you find the details as interesting as we did.

All data herein is from sources deemed (at least somewhat) reliable – i.e. the information input by listing agents regarding their own listings -- but may contain errors and omissions, and is subject to revision. These charts do not include sales unreported to MLS.

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