Average prices inching up!

Very generally speaking and varying widely by city neighborhood, thus far in 2012, San Francisco home prices have increased by 5% to 15% over 2011 values.

These statistics apply only to non-distressed home sales with at least 1 car parking, Distressed sales – bank-owned property sales and short sales – typically sell at a discount, but as the market recovers, the number of distressed listings is now rapidly declining.)

The average size of homes vary widely by neighborhood: for example, the average size of a 4+ bedroom house in Pacific Heights is much larger than one in Noe Valley. Besides affluence, the era and style of construction often play a large role in these size disparities. Some neighborhoods are well known for having “bonus” bedrooms and baths built without permit (often behind the garage). Such additions can add value, but being unpermitted are not reflected in $/sq.ft. figures.