"dpaul is an excellent realtor. We appreciated his honesty, his commitment to getting us the best deal for our property, and his work ethic. No one will work harder for you than dpaul. dpaul is meticulous with great attention detail. When you work with dpaul, you only work with dpaul, not an assistant or colleague. We can't say enough about dpaul's expertise and understanding of the San Francisco real estate market. If you want your home sold quickly and for a good price, give dpaul brown your listing!" - B&E

"We found DPaul to be very personable, thorough, and responsive. He always answered his phone, texts, and emails within 24 hours if not sooner. He is very knowledgeable on houses and the housing market. He knew if they were a flip and if it was done well or not. We felt confident when doing walk throughs with him as he’d point out areas of concern and options on how we could fix them if we decided it was our dream home. He proofread our offer letter and helped guide us as we moved through the home buying process." - K&G

"dpaul has been an amazing realtor, upbeat, patient, accommodating and always a professional. Despite the fact that we were out of town buyers, he never hesitated to show us new neighbourhoods and educate us about the city, it's history and the pros and cons of our potential choices. He helped us over years to visit places to find the exact property that suited us in San Francisco." - SR

dpaul is, in every sense of the word, an expert real estate agent.

“dpaul is professional through every step of the real estate adventure. He combines the right amount of patience and tenaciousness to make you comfortable and confident to know he's absolutely working in your best interests. Buying a home on a budget in San Francisco is no easy challenge, especially when you have a list of particulars in mind (and who doesn't). In dpaul I had an agent with an expansive knowledge of the City and a keen ability to help me navigate the best way to get offer accepted. Without hesitation I'll be recommending dpaul to my friends and colleagues.” - DD

"We worked with dpaul to purchase a home in the Castro district of San Francisco in 2013, and then worked with him again to sell that same home in 2017. In short, I can't say enough good things about dpaul -- we couldn't have asked for a better realtor on either the buying or selling side. When we were buyers, it was our first home purchase. He worked patiently to figure out exactly what we wanted and to help us understand the ins and outs of getting an offer accepted in San Francisco. He even worked with us during his vacation to put together an offer (which was the one that was ultimately accepted). In selling our house, he was incredibly savvy about pricing and making counter offers. Our house ended up going for 27% over asking, and 40% over what we paid for it 4 years prior. Put simply: I give dpaul our strongest recommendation. You won't find a better realtor." - J&L

"I don't think you could ask for a more thoughtful, knowledgable and dedicated real estate agent than dpaul brown! He helped us purchase our first home in SF and we couldn't be more grateful, especially in this crazy market! He was always available to answer the occasional flurry of questions my wife and I would have about the real estate process, which was necessary for us to feel comfortable. He took us out on numerous occasions to look at homes and met us during the work week to tour again if needed.”

“Working with dpaul was wonderful! His deep knowledge of Bay Area homes and neighborhoods really helped us narrow our search. He asked good questions to help us identify our top priorities and helped us navigate the tricky San Francisco real estate market as first-time buyers. He met us on walkthroughs and helped us pinpoint what we liked in certain neighborhoods and homes, then helped us find more options that fit our budget and criteria. We were so grateful for his expertise and when we found our top contender our offer was accepted! He supported us as we moved through the closing process, and we were confident in our next steps. We're now renovating our home and can't wait to have dpaul over to see our progress! Our little family will be forever grateful for the care he took with us to ensure we would have a home to make memories in for years to come. We would work with dpaul for any real estate needs in the future and highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.” - EA

Put simply: I give dpaul our strongest recommendation. You won’t find a better realtor.

"dpaul will work at your pace, be it fast one week, slow another or anything in between. He's really accommodating to the needs of his clients and understands the real estate market thoroughly. You can't go wrong with this guy." - AL

"dpaul came highly recommended from a neighbor of mine when we were going to be selling our property. All honesty, the property was in bad bad shape from years of neglect and lack of maintenance. Well, once we called dpaul he came out and met with us and told us how it was going to go and made some great suggestions and honestly, I was exhausted from cleaning the place out and didn't want to do anymore and this is where dpaul came in big time because he is heavily connected!  He took care of everything! including getting someone in to clean out our backyard and a bunch of other things. He took the extra stress away from us and dealt with it and that to me makes a HUGE difference because he's not all talk, he will go the extra mile for you. He is an AMAZING person to work with and he cares about San Francisco and it's neighborhoods and the history. And me  being a 5th generation San Franciscan that meant allot to my family and I.  I normally don't have good things to say about realtors, I normally put them in with lawyers, car salesmen and metermaids but I cant even comprehend putting dpaul there. If you are looking to buy or sell a house dpaul is your man. He got us almost $500k OVER asking. Very nice, humble, funny yet extremely professional and I respect that of him. Check him out, you truly wont regret it. He's an amazing human being and is great at what he does. If you like someone who will be straight and to the point with you and not bullshit you, he's your guy. Wish I could give him 20 stars lol." - DG

"dpaul helped us with the purchase of our first home about a year and a half ago. It was truly a fantastic experience. dpaul combines a deep knowledge of SF neighborhoods, an excellent ability to understand the individual needs of his clients, and a willingness to help first-time homebuyers through a very complicated process.

"We're extremely happy in our home, due in a large part to dpaul's efforts. I'd recommend dpaul to anyone looking to buy in SF's complicated market." - JB

"dpaul came recommended to us from mutual friends.  From the first telephone call with dpaul we felt we had someone who both listened to us as well as was willing to share his expertise in all the neighborhoods that make up San Francisco.  Our first meeting was accompanying dpaul on the Tuesday Brokers tour that gave us exposure to many of the cities neighborhoods.  This was critical to confirm that our first, and only choice, was in the Russian Hill / Telegraph Hill / North Beach area.  From that time own we kept a narrow focus on that region.  dpaul shared his realtor tools access with us as we are pretty hands on with searching out potential homes.  But he was always back to us right away whenever anything hit the available list (and we all know how infrequent that can be).

After avoiding several places that were 'good, but not quite it' we finally found that one that we would fight for.  We had a very tight viewing period and bids were required  after only one week.  We spent several hours with dpaul reviewing our bid strategy and taking his recommendations that not only was money of the essence, but so was time.  Following his lead we put in an offer, over asking of course, but with a 10 day closing.

That sealed the deal!  Within hours we were under firm contract and after 10 days our dream condo was ours!

dpaul is professional, friendly, and is (literally) a walking encyclopedia of all things San Francisco.  I would not hesitate for a minute to recommend him to anyone searching for the 'right' home." - N&S

"I was introduced to dpaul from a mutual friend who took my description of what I was looking for in a realtor and matched it to a tee.  dpaul is creative, detail-oriented, market savvy, resourceful, connected, and a good and diplomatic listener.  He and the team he assembled to help me fine tune, stage, market, and sell my home were each wonderful and I'm thrilled with the outcome.

He understood the dynamics of my in-flight transaction, good communication, and mutual understanding, and helped me with a good mix of patience, motivation, support, perseverance, humor, and professionalism that helped me yield a good outcome.  I highly recommend him.

My only regret is leaving my home in the Mission.  It was a gem!" - KH

I would recommend dpaul to anyone looking to buy or sell their home in San Francisco.

"dpaul is, in every sense of the word, an expert real estate agent.

He just helped us close on our first ever home...in the incredibly tough San Francisco market, no less. On top of that, we purchased a probate property - which includes navigating byzantine state laws. dpaul approached our unique purchase requirements with extensive, well researched knowledge, incredible attention to detail and most importantly - patience. Many of the people and agencies we dealt with made mistakes along the way, but dpaul was flawless. It was a massive relief to trust that he always put our interests first and foremost.

It doesn't hurt that dpaul has great taste in design and home improvement, as well. He has very recommendable contacts in the mortgage industry, home inspectors, contractors, and more. He's almost a one stop shop for every facet of real estate!

I wholeheartedly recommend dpaul for your next real estate transaction. He will make a complicated and often difficult process enjoyable." - B&J

"dpaul helped us with the purchase of our first home and I can't say enough great things about him! My partner and I first came to him with zero knowledge (really less than zero knowledge) about purchasing a home and he walked us through the process from start to finish. He is meticulous, responsive, and tireless in his efforts in trying to find us a home, which in this market on our budget, was no easy task! Not only did he provide great service, but he has a group of folks that he works with regularly and is able to offer recommendations for a mortgage broker or whatever you need. The beauty is that because of these wonderful relationships that he has built, much of the hassle and pain is taken off your shoulders and placed on his.  Good for you, maybe not so much for him! The true testament to dpaul may be summed up when our escrow agent commented, "you two seem so relaxed and calm, most people I see are anxious and nervous when they come to sign their loan documents." We all attribute this to the work of dpaul and his power team who prepared us every step of the way!  Did I mention that he is super tech savvy too? The only time we had to physically go anywhere and sign a document, was the day we signed our loan documents. So if you're busy or have a job (FYI - kind of a requirement for buying a home), if you're a seasoned homebuyer or a clueless newbie like us, dpaul is the perfect agent." - AM

"dpaul’s work ethic is superb, and his attention to detail and follow up is outstanding. Life gets so busy, particularly when you’re buying or selling a property, being able to rely on your agent to gently remind you when you forget, nudge you when you need it and keep you pointed in the right direction to efficiently and successfully navigate through the details, while having fun in the process, is a real gift. dpaul knows the devil’s in the details and goes out of his way to anticipate and make sure all the details are addressed, so you don’t have to.

And dpaul truly loves San Francisco. His unique knowledge of the city’s history and neighborhoods is fantastic and a huge, huge bonus. Whether you’re new to the city, or a veteran thinking about branching out to a new neighborhood, dpaul will help you consider things you never thought of (but should) and focus on the things that really matter most as you think about buying a new property or positioning an existing property for sale.

High energy but patient, tenacious with a great sense of humor, and as down-to-earth and trustworthy as they come, I would recommend dpaul to anyone looking to buy or sell their home in San Francisco." - CS

“I was truly impressed by his work. I regard him as an extremely knowledgeable, energetic, and skilled. He drives success by listening to his clients. He's a hybrid-thinker, balancing empathy and creativity, collaboration and highly developed analytical skills. He takes ownership of problems and works aggressively and methodically to deliver optimal solutions. He's extremely organized, always available to answer questions, and in a deadline-crazy world, he always hits his mark.” - JR

"dpaul has a keen eye for detail, is a highly effective communicator, and his follow through is consistent and reliable." - BW

"He is bright, creative, articulate, and lives his life from a basis of integrity.  His focus and drive combine with his creative and tactical execution skills to make him a formidable and effective achiever. You can count on him to say clearly what he will do, and then do exactly what he says. He gets the job done, and done well." - GH

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with dpaul. He has invaluable enthusiasm, vision and focus.  dpaul is one of those unique people who is both creative and strategic." - AW