July 4th Weekend Events


There are many fun events to do over this 4th of July weekend. AFTER DARK: BOOM! What’s the science behind fireworks? How are implosions different from explosions? What happens when hot water is combined with liquid nitrogen? The Exploratorium’s After Dark: Boom celebrates July 4th with rumbling, roaring thunder, the resonant thrum of taiko drumming, the explosive potential of liquid nitrogen, and spectacular explorations of other boom-related activities and exhibits. http://bit.ly/11FmOak

The Fillmore Jazz Festival. The largest free jazz festival on the west coast! http://www.fillmorejazzfestival.com

Angel Island Fireworks Viewing: Leave the crowds behind and enjoy the July 4th Firework celebration on Angel Island. Angel Island offers a spectacular view of San Francisco and The Golden Great Bridge! Just in case there isn't fog! http://www.angelisland.com/tours/index.php

America's Cup. FINALLY! http://bit.ly/14Li69F

The SF Mime Troupe: This summer SFMT is doing something different. Within a larger musical/comedic frame, OIL & WATER is actually two shorter plays - CRUDE INTENTIONS and DEAL WITH THE DEVIL - each stylistically unique but topically linked and musically interwoven. The plays challenge the dangerous energy practices of both corporations and the rest of us. www.sfmt.org/index.php